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The Leonberger, known as the Leo for short, is a loyal, loving, and companionable breed.  These gentle giants make an excellent alternative to security systems as they are fiercely loyal to their families.  The Leonberger, unlike most giant dog breeds, loves to be active and requires daily exercise.  They are classified as working dogs and are easily trained.  They make excellent family pets because of their kid-loving attitudes and gentleness with other animals.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. These dogs are well equipped for search and rescue work, and are frequently used by water rescue teams in both Italy and Germany.

2. These dogs are not only massive in size, but also rich in history.  The Leonberger is known as the oldest German purebred dog.

3. The Leo hails from Leonberg, Germany.  They were bred to look like lions and are the result of the crossbreeding of the Newfoundland, St. Bernard, and the Pyrenees Mountain Dog.

4. These dogs average anywhere from 115-140 lbs. depending on gender, but can weigh up to as much as 170 lbs.

5. While the average litter size of the breed is six, one Leonberger named Ariel broke the world record in 2009 giving birth to 18 healthy Leo puppies.

6. One key physical trait of the Leo are his webbed feet which make him an excellent swimmer.

7. These dogs are big and need lots of space, so it is not recommended that they live in an apartment.  The best place for a Leo would be a house with a large backyard.

8. The Leonberger has an average lifespan of about 8 years.

9. While these dogs enjoy a good hike, swim, or tracking activity, they will have to be trained to play frisbee or catch.

10. The Leonberger has also been known as the “Lean-on-berger,” because of their love of being close to their family members.

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