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The Keeshond, or more affectionately known as the Kees, is a German breed with a rich history.  They are a gentle, playful, and people pleasing dogs, not to mention exceptionally quick learners.  They love to be close to their families and would make a great family dog or an excellent companion animal for a single PetParent.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The name Keeshond is fairly recent to the breed.  Before the 1920’s when they established the name Keeshond, these dogs were referred to as “overweight Pomeranians” as well as “Dutch barge dogs” and “fox dogs.”

2. One nickname given to the Keeshond by it’s native land is the “Smiling Dutchman,” because of the way the lips turn up when the Keeshond opens his mouth.

3. It’s no surprise that this happy breed has been owned by the man who created the happiest place on earth.  You guessed it, Walt Disney was a PetParent to this breed!

4. They are often used as therapy dogs due to their highly affectionate natures.

5. One Keeshond named Tivka was stationed at ground zero during 9/11 to help comfort the rescue workers there at the time.

6. Don’t let all that fluff fool you!  The Keeshond’s fur is actually said to be good for people that are normally allergic to dog hair.  Instead of “hair” a Keeshond has “fur” and it only requires about an hour of grooming a week to keep it in top condition.

7. The Kees probably have some of the strictest color standards for a breed. The only color they come in is a mixture of grey and black with an undercoat of cream or pale grey.

8. One characteristic marking of the Keeshond is their “spectacles.” On a purebred Kees, you’ll see a black line encircling both his eyes.

9. Another characteristic trait of the Kees is his behavior when he gets excited.  Kees will run around in circles for ages if they get too excited!

10. A man named Don Bussel wrote a book called Fluffy’s Guardian Angel about his Keeshond that was lost for 28 days before finding her way home.

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