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The Karelian Bear Dog is a rare breed that hasn’t gained popularity as a companion pet in the United States because of their strong prey drive. As you might assume from the name, they were bred to hunt bears and other large game like wolves, moose, and elk. In its home country of Finland, the Karelian Bear Dog is a national treasure. They are still the favored breed for large game hunters in Finland. 

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Top 10 Facts:  

1. This breed nearly went extinct right after World War 2.

2. Noted to be aggressive towards other animals because their prey drive is so strong, proper socialization is key as puppies.

3. The Karelian Bear Dog loves nothing more than being outdoors with their owners.

4. These dogs typically work in pairs, cornering their quarry and barking and pacing to contain it until the handler arrives.

5. An independent, intelligent, and active breed. These dogs are used to having a job, and require a large amount of mental and physical stimulation.

6. Karelian Bear Dogs have been used in both Glacier and Yosemite National Parks to control bears.

7. An extremely territorial breed, the bear dogs will alert to any strange person or animal nearby.

8. Those who choose to share their life with a bear dog can expect 10-12 years of companionship from a devoted dog.

9. Not suitable for apartment living, these dogs need space, and a large fenced to run. They greatly dislike being contained in small spaces.

10. Karelian Bear Dogs don’t possess that ‘doggie odor’ and have an all weather coat that is extremely easy to care for.

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