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The Japanese Chin is a breed that was developed exclusively to be a companion pet. Each royal home bred their dogs’ to their own specifications which is why there are a wide range of looks seen in today’s Japanese Chins. Being bred for companion purposes, this toy breed has developed an entertaining little personality, the Chin loves to be the center of attention!

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Top 10 Facts:  

1. Japanese Chin are a brachycephalic breed (squished face) meaning they don’t tolerate temperature extremes well at all. 

2. Charming and playful, the Japanese Chin is a little clown living up to the intention of being bred as a companion and entertainer.

3. Japanese Chin are a toy breed weighing in at 7-9 pounds on average.

4. A black and white coat is by far the most common but a red and white is acceptable as well. Their coat is kept long but is easy to maintain with semi-regular brushing.

5. Highly intelligent, the Japanese Chin can easily learn new tricks and loves to perform and be the center of attention.

6. A great dog for apartment living, the Japanese Chin requires just a short walk each day.

7. Like many brachycephalic breeds, the Japanese Chin has a tendency to wheeze, grunt, and snore.

8. The Japanese Chin is known for having several cat-like qualities- including cleaning its face using a paw!

9. A quiet toy breed can be hard to come by, so the Japanese Chin is a rarity! Known to only bark to alert of someone at the door, the Japanese Chin otherwise remains quite docile.

10. Due to their large, bulging eyes, the Japanese Chin could use a good face washing with a damp cloth several times per week to avoid build up or infection.

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