Jack Russell Terrier Rescues

The Jack Russell Terrier is a bold, happy, and intelligent breed. This breed originated from dogs bred by Reverend John “Jack” Russell in the 19th century.  They were originally used as fox hunting dogs and have similar origins as the Wire Fox Terrier.  They require lots of daily exercise and exhibit the common personality traits of terrier breeds.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Jack Russell Terrier is known for its extreme energy.  They love to run, play, jump, bark and love on their family members.

2. Because they are intelligent and trainable, they are often used on the big screen.  Jack Russells can be seen in movies like “My Dog Skip,” “The Mask,” “The Artist,” and “Water for Elephants.”

3. If you live in an apartment with a Jack Russell, you need to ensure that your dog gets at least 1 hour of running or intense exercise a day.

4. What makes the Jack Russell Terrier such a good hunting terrier are its high jumping abilities, small v-shaped ears, weatherproof double coats, and his narrow flexible chest.

5. These dogs create extremely strong bonds with their owners, and love being near their people whenever possible.

6. These dogs have very long lifespans of about 15 years.

7. Jack Russell Terriers are most comfortable around adults and older children as they might be prone to nip at small children’s heels.

8. They are pretty easy to groom and require very little brushing and bathing.

9. These dogs need to be trained and would do best with an experienced owner willing to put in the training time they deserve.

10. These are hardy dogs that do well in almost any environment and weather.

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