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The Greyhound is a gentle, athletic, and quiet breed.  This ancient European breed originally bred for hunting purposes, is used a lot today for racing but they also make wonderful family pets!  Their quiet and relaxed natures make them great apartment pets too, for PetParents that will exercise them frequently of course.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Greyhound is the only breed directly mentioned in the Bible. In Proverbs 30: 29-31, it says, “There are three things which are majestic in pace, yes, four which are stately in walk: a lion, which is mighty among beasts and does not turn away from any; A greyhound,[a] a male goat also, and a king whose troops are with him.”

2. Greyhounds are huge couch potatoes! Despite their highly athletic physique, Greyhounds love to relax.

3. Greyhounds are also known to smile a lot. They bare their teeth when they’re happy!

4. Another behavioral trait that Greyhounds exhibit is ‘roaching,’ which means they lay on their backs with their legs splayed up in the air.  They do this often and sometimes even sleep while ‘roaching.’

5. The Greyhound was the first ever dog to come to the USA, well back then it was just called the New World.  A Greyhound traveled with Christopher Columbus on his second expedition to America in 1493.

6. They are the second fastest breed of dog, coming in right behind it’s cousin the Whippet.

7. Out of all the dog breeds recorded, the Greyhound has been called the healthiest dog breed when it comes to hereditary issues.

8. Greyhounds are also known as one of the most gentle dog breeds.

9. Greyhounds have been immortalized in both Shakespeare’s and Chaucer’s writings.

10. Every Greyhound alive today can be traced back to King Cob, a Greyhound who lived in England in 1893.

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