Greater Swiss Mountain Dog Rescues

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is a gentle and loving breed.  These dogs crave physical contact and human attention and are eager to please. They are great with kids, making them an excellent family dog!  Due to their high level of intelligence, they are extremely quick learners.  A Greater Swiss Mountain Dog would make a great pet for anyone who can be firm and steady with training, as well as loving and devoted to their furry friend.

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 Top 10 Facts

1. Originally bred in Switzerland as all around working dogs, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog now enjoys his status as a family pet, although the breed seems to be happiest when he is kept busy.

2. Because of their large physique, the Greater Swiss Mountain Dog was once known as the “poor man’s horse.”

3. The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog is referred to as the Swissy by breed enthusiasts.

4. One of the most famous Swissies is Hannibal. Hannibal was one of the highest ranked search and rescue dogs in the country and spent the last night of his life on a rescue mission for a lost child.

5. One of the physical characteristics of Swissies, other than their large size of course, are their eyes.  Their almond shaped eyes will range anywhere from chestnut to hazel.

6. Another characteristic of the Swissy is his distinct coat of black, white, and rust.

7. Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs are related to Boxers, Great Danes, Mastiffs, and Rottweilers!

8. Swissies are relatively new to the United States.  The first Swissies to be imported came over in 1967!

9. Swissies are also new to the AKC.  They were only recognized by the AKC as an official breed in 1995.  They are classified as part of the working group of dogs.

10. Great Swiss Mountain Dogs do very well in cold climates.  When it gets hot, it’s recommended that you keep your Swissy out of the heat as much as possible.

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