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The Great Pyrenees is a gentle, affectionate, and strong willed breed.  Natural born protectors, the Great Pyrenees will love and devote itself to keeping its family members and property safe.  They were originally bred as livestock guard dogs in the Pyrenees Mountains near southern France and northern Spain.  They make excellent family dogs and are widely used as therapy dogs as well!

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Only in the past few years has the Great Pyrenees declined in popularity in the United States.  Ranked the 45th most popular in 2000, the breed is now the 69th most popular breed in America.

2. These dogs are probably one of the most ancient dog breeds around and evidence suggests their existence dating back as far as 1407.

3. Their beautiful white double coats are not only pretty, but also weather resistant!

4. While their main coat color is white, they can have various shadings of grey, red, or tan around their face.  Their coats may sometime have a lemon or tan appearance later in life.

5. If you’ve seen Dumb and Dumber, you’ve seen a Great Pyrenees on the big screen.  One of these dogs appears in the dog-mobile during the movie.

6. This breed is known to love romping and playing outdoors when it’s cold, especially in the snow!

7. Because they were originally bred to guard sheep, they have a tendency to guard small helpless creatures and do extremely well with young children.

8. This breed lives around 10 to 11 years on average.

9. One of the distinguishing traits of the Great Pyrenees is his double dew claw.

10. Though not easily trainable, this breed trains well if trained from a young age.

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