Giant Schnauzer Rescues

The Giant Schnauzer is a powerful, kind, and strong willed breed. With a personality as large as his his size, this dog is not a good pet for a first time dog owner.  They require lots of training, exercise, and attention from an owner who knows how to establish his or her dominance, but never with physical force.  A Giant Schnauzer would be a good pet for someone with an active lifestyle.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. These dogs were originally bred as herding dogs, but are most often used today as police dogs in many European countries and as a guard dog in the United States.

2. They require full groomings about four times a year, but should be regularly brushed as often as possible.

3. These dogs were the result of crossbreeding the Great Dane, Bouvier des Flandres, and the standard Schnauzer.

4. The Giant Schnauzer is the largest member of the Schnauzer breed family.

5. Giant Schnauzers are known to bark quite a bit because of their natural protective instincts.

6. They also tend to be cautious with strangers because of their loyalty towards their family.

7. These dogs were originally bred in Bavaria during the 17th century.  They are the second oldest of the Schnauzer breeds.

8. While they do require lots of exercise, they should never be left outside for too long.  They are people lovers and may become destructive when they are not socially stimulated.

9. Giant Schnauzers come in two colors, being solid black and pepper & white.

10. Like most large breeds, the Giant Schnauzer experience health problems like hip dysplasia, glaucoma, and skin cancer.

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