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The English Setter is an energetic and intelligent breed.  They are very people-oriented dogs and are often used as hunting companions.  They are active dogs that require lots of exercise and attention, but they also love being the laziest of lap dogs when they come inside.  An English Setter would make a good dog for an active family ready to give him the time and attention he deserves!

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Originally bred for hunting game birds, the English Setter helped establish the ancient term “setting dogges,” referring to the way that setters point or set.

2. The English Setter is ranked 37th most intelligent dog breed!

3. The English Setter’s temperament is often described as a “Gentleman by Nature.”

4. Developed over 400 years ago in England, the English Setter is one of the oldest gun dog breeds around.

5. English Setters are almost always white in color and come with either blue, lemon, orange, or brown markings.  Some English Setters can be tricolored as well.

6. English Setters are also popular show dogs.  In 1938, one 11 month old English Setter won the Westminster Dog Show in America and it was his very first show!

7. English Setters are known to be skilled jumpers and diggers. You’ll want a tall secure fence for your backyard.

8. While gentle and friendly, English Setters can also be stubborn with timid owners.  For this reason, it is important to train your English Setter from early on and to establish who the alpha dog in the house really is.

9. The very first dog registered with the AKC was an English Setter named “Adonis.”

10.  English Setter’s coats are long, silky, and shiny and require lots of grooming!

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