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The Collie, both rough and smooth coated types are known for their high intelligence and trainability. The distinctive coat of a Rough Collie is probably what makes this breed so recognizable. The double coat of a Rough Collie is longer all around the body, but is shorter around the legs and more abundant around the neck to form a thick mane. The smooth coated type also has a double coat, though shorter than that of its rough coated counterpart, is also longer around to neck to form a small mane, or ruff. They’re medium to large sized dogs that are loving, loyal, and wonderful with children.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. There are rough and smooth coated Collie types; Rough Collies, or Collies with the longer coat are more common in America.

2. Both types were bred from local herding dogs of Scotland and Wales.

3. The most famous rough coated Collie, and possibly the most famous dog in all of Hollywood history, is Lassie!

4.  In January of 2014, Miley Cyrus’ younger sister Noah received a Rough Collie for her birthday.

5.  Collies come in three different coat colors: sable, tri-color, or Blue Merle.

6. Their lifespan ranges from 10-14 years, some have been noted to live beyond that.  Collies aim to please their masters, which makes them a wonderful family pet!

7. Because of a genetic mutation in their genes, many collies can have severe reactions to the heart worm medication Ivermectin.

8. Rough Collies need weekly brushings due to their long double coat, and daily brushing when it’s shedding season. Smooth Collies do not require as much maintenance for their coat, but they still do shed a fair amount.

9. As natural herders, Collies are indeed very active breeds. Many are commonly trained to compete in obedience, agility, or other dog sports.

10. Collies are generally wonderful with children; they’re known to be caring, playful, and even protective of children. However, always make sure the child has been properly introduced to interact safely with dogs, even if the dog seems child friendly.

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