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The Chinese Crested is a sweet-tempered, playful, and affectionate breed. Despite what their name might suggest, these dogs were most likely first bred in either Africa as descendants of the African Hairless Terrier, or in Mexico as descendants of the Mexican Hairless.  They are a relatively new breed and were only recognized as an official breed by the American Kennel Club in 1991.  They make great companion animals for singles, but they’re also great with kids making them good family pets!

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Chinese Crested is probably more popular than you think.  They are currently the 68th most popular dog breed in the United States!

2. Unlike most dogs, in the Chinese Crested the allele for the hairless type is dominant and the allele for the fluffy type is recessive.

3. This breed is known to act like a cat sometimes, and enjoys getting up on top of high places.

4. The Chinese Crested’s hairless skin has many similar qualities of human skin and should be cared for in just about the same way.  Many owners use sunscreen and lotions on their dogs, just be sure to check the ingredients for Lanolin as they are prone to be allergic.

5. Another trait that is different about these dogs are their distinct elongated toes often referred to as a hare foot (most dogs have what is described as a cat foot), and because of this you can not cut their nails too short.

6. While they do not require a ton of daily exercise, the Chinese Crested will enjoy a hike or long walk with their owner.

7. These dogs are highly intelligent and very trainable.  Chinese Cresteds often compete in obedience type sports.

8. Thought they stay relatively small throughout their lives, you must not baby a Chinese Crested.  This will lead to unwanted and disobedient behavior.

9. Because they are hairless, these dogs do not do well when it is cold outside and should always wear a sweater if they must go out doors in chilly conditions.

10. These dogs are relatively prone to tooth decay due to their “primitive mouth,” which means they have all point teeth rather than the combination of some pointy teeth and some flat teeth that most dogs have.

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