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The Cardigan Welsh Corgi, the close cousin to the Pembroke Welsh Corgi, is a loving breed that is sure to follow you wherever you go.  They’re highly intelligent and well suited for country or apartment life! The Cardigan Welsh Corgi is the ‘corgi with a tail’ for those who know there’s a difference. Similar to a Basset Hound, Corgi’s truly act like a big dog in a smaller compact body. Full of spirit and energy, the Corgi has stamina that’s hard to believe once you’ve gotten a look at those stumpy little legs.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Cardigan Welsh Corgis can come in a variety of colors including red, brindle, sable, blue merle, and black. Many of them have one or both eyes that are strikingly blue.

2. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi was originally developed by a Celtic tribe circa 1200 BC.

3. Amongst Corgi owners, the Cardigan is known as the Corgi with the tail because the Pembroke Corgi’s tail is normally bobbed or docked.

4. Some Corgis are known to be great service dogs for the hearing impaired.

5. The phrase “cor gi” in Welsh means “dwarf dog.” Have you seen those stubby legs?

6. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi has a double coat which requires regular brushing.  This undercoat “blows” or sheds once in fall and once in spring.

7. They are relatively low maintenance, but do require daily exercise.  Due to their size, they need the regular exercise to avoid getting heavy.

8. Cardigan Welsh Corgis have an average lifespan of about 11-13 years.

9. The Corgi breed is known to have come from the same line as the Dachsund breed. The long back, low slung belly, and short legs make this extremely believable!

10. The Cardigan Welsh Corgi was registered with the AKC by 1935. They’ve become a popular American breed.

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