Canaan Dog Rescues

The Canaan Dog is a cautious, intelligent, and devoted breed that originated in what is now Israel.  This dog is known to be very clever with it’s paws, and is adept at escaping and solving problems.  They are not overly affectionate, and an owner must earn a Canaan Dog’s trust and respect before they earn their protection and devotion.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Canaan Dog originated in biblical times in the land of Canaan, which corresponds to what is now Israel, Lebanon, Palestinian territories, and the western parts of the Jordan.

2. Canaan Dogs are known to be a relatively healthy breed.  Some never visit a vet outside of their routine check ups.

3. The Canaan has been used as a war dog and was one of the first breeds trained to detect mines in World War II.

4. While most Canaan Dogs are light in color, they can be black, cream, red, and brown with small white or cream markings.

5. The Canaan Dog is classified as a pariah dog as well as a primitive breed.

6. There are only about 2,000 to 3,000 Canaan Dogs in the entire world.

7. This breed is recognized as Israel’s national breed.

8. Evidence suggest that these dogs could have existed as early as the first century AD.  Carvings that depicted a dog similar in appearance to the Canaan date back to this time.

9. These dogs are quick to react and are prone to barking, making them excellent watch dogs.

10. The Canaan Dog has been classified as a working dog, herding dog, and a sighthound.  This dog is very multi-functional, and it seems that the breed is very skilled at performing all of his classified functions.

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