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The Bullmastiff was originally bred to guard large estates and game reserves- its abilities as a guard dog remains in tact to this day. Ever vigilant, the Bullmastiff is both gentle and keen. If spurred into action is is a powerful force to be reckoned with. Bullmastiffs are quick and agile for their size and have the ability to run down, knock over, and hold down an intruder without causing injury. This makes them an ideal house companion and guard dog even to this day.

Bullmastiffs are a lower energy breed, and have moderate exercise requirements- a great large breed dog for apartment living. With an average lifespan of 8-10 years, bullmastiff owners should be aware that gastric and elbow dysplasia are common ailments of the breed.

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Top 10 Facts:  

1. The bullmastiff is known to be shy with strangers and unfamiliar dogs, so socialization early on is essential to a well rounded pup.

2. The bullmastiff is not a heat tolerant breed, and while it does tolerate cold temps better than hot ones, it is not a fan of weather in either extreme.

3. The breed standard suggests bullmastiffs should weigh in at 100-130 pounds once fully grown.

4. The bullmastiff looks like a cross between an English mastiff and a bulldog, resembling a bulldog mostly in the head and face shape.

5. ‘Butkus’ is a famous bullmastiff, starring in Rocky 2 as Sylvester Stalone’s dog.

6. The breed is known to be easily bored with traditional training methods and for their dislike of repeating actions and commands more than once.

7. The bullmastiffs short coat makes for easy grooming maintenance, while they are known to drool, their faces can require extra cleaning.

8. Bullmastiffs are excellent protectors of the home, and are known to be relatively quiet. This dates back to their origins as protectors of estates when an ability to silently sneak up on intruders was highly valued.

9. Red, fawn, and brindle are the three accepted coat colors for a bullmastiff, with fawn being the most popular.

10. Bullmastiffs continue to grow in size until they’ve reached three years of age-something potential owners should keep in mind.

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