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The Bull Terrier is a breed who strongly attaches to his family. They do not do well being left alone for extended periods of time. Noted for their silly antics, the Bull Terrier is often described as a kid in a dog suit by owners.

Smart and active, the Bull Terrier needs daily exercise-both mental and physical to maintain stimulated and happy. Very clever, the bull terrier will come up with his own idea of fun if his owner is not active and present enough for his liking. Jogging, interactive toys, and lots of socialization are all great outlets.

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Top 10 Facts:  

1. White bull terriers must be checked for deafness as it has become common.

2. A high energy, playful dog.

3. The Bull Terrier is recognized by it’s amazingly endearing ‘egg head’ and triangular eyes.

4. Full grown, bull terriers weigh between 50-70 lbs

5. With a muscular build, this can be an intimidating looking breed, but Bull Terriers are actually supremely friendly!

6. Grooming is simple thanks to a short coat.

7. The most famous Bull Terrier is probably “Bullseye’ the ‘Target Dog’.

8. Known for silly & clownish behavior, this is a canine companion who is bound to keep you permanently smiling.

9. Bull Terriers are stubborn and do well with an owner who is willing to put in time training them and enforcing rules.

10. This breed originally was used for vermin control, and still has a strong prey drive to this day.

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