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The Brussels Griffon is a companionable, sensitive, and watchful breed.  These toy dogs really love to get up high and are known for being very adept at climbing. They do have minds of their own and should be well socialized and trained from a young age.  Brussels Griffons love to snuggle and tend to bond more with one human than others.  They make excellent companion animals and can make good family pets.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Many people think that these dogs are among the most expressive dog breeds with an almost “human-like” face.

2. These dogs were originally bred to catch rats in Brussels, Belgium out in the stables.

3. Brussels Griffons have been owned by many members of royal families, including Belgian Queen Marie Henriette.

4. If you’ve seen As Good As It Gets, you’ve seen a Brussels Griffon on the big screen.  One of these feisty pups co-starred alongside Jack Nicholson in this Hollywood hit. 

5. Although small, they are not fragile dogs.  Their square bodies compact bodies are actually quite sturdy.

6. The Brussels Griffon comes in smooth and rough coat types and in four colors, being red, beige, black & tan, or solid black.

7. These dogs are well suited for apartment living, but do need daily exercise as they are prone to weight gain.

8. These tiny dogs may not do well with children under five.  This can be combatted though if there are children around when they are puppies.

9. The Brussels Griffon is classified as a toy breed, typically weighing anywhere between eight and ten pounds on average.

10. Many Brussels Griffons are known to “talk” to their owners. They are extremely inquisitive and intelligent, and they can almost always help you figure out what they are asking for.

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