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The Brittany, is an active athletic dog that does best with an owner who leads an active lifestyle. An excellent bird dog, Brittany’s are also great jogging or hiking companions. Brittany’s are great watch dogs because of their active and attentive personalities but aren’t the best guard dogs due to their extremely friendly disposition. Brittany’s have long legs and lightweight bones- making them quick movers indeed. The Brittany hunts more like a pointer or setter than a spaniel.

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Top 10 Facts

1. Brittany’s are known for being very obedient & highly trainable.

2.  Regular brushing is important, but their coat is easy to maintain overall. The light feathering on the tail and back of legs can be prone to picking up burrs when out in long grasses.

3.  Easily trainable, the Brittany is smart & eager to please it’s family.

4.  The breed is most prone to hip dysplasia out of any other hereditary disease, and supplements can help prevent this painful disorder.

5.  Said to have a jolly nature, they make a great and silly companion.

6.  An average lifespan of 12-14 years, the Brittany is about as long-lived as most of the hunting breeds.

7.  Brittany are light shedders when compared to many other hunting breeds.

8.  Most Brittany’s are born with short tails, otherwise they are docked at just a few weeks of age.

9.  The breed originated in France where they were bred to hunt birds. Formerly referred to as the ‘Brittany Spaniel’ the AKC dropped the ‘spaniel’ portion of the name in 1982.

10.  A large majority of Brittany’s are the traditional white and rust coloration, but there are ‘roan’ colored as well.

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