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The Weimaraner is an energetic, powerful, and intelligent breed.  They do very well with children, but should not be left alone with small children as they are likely to knock them down.  These dogs are extremely energetic and require lots of exercise and playtime, and an ideal owner would be one who is physically active. Because of their hunting skills, they tend to not do as well with other animals in the house, but can live very well with other dogs.  A Weimaraner would make the perfect pet for a family or for someone looking for a companion animal!

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Originating in Germany, Weimaraners got their start as hunting dogs bred exclusively for the royal family.

2. While Weimaraners only come in one color (ranging from charcoal-blue to mouse-grey), they do come in two coat types being long and short haired.

3. This breed has been nicknamed “the Grey Ghost,” due to the color of its coat.

4. One personality trait of these dogs is that they suffer from severe separation anxiety, but good training can combat this.

5. Some of the most famous Weimaraners are the dogs decked out in human clothes depicted in William Wegman’s books.  William Wegman also worked with Sesame Street to bring these whimsical photos to life!  If you haven’t seen these photos, just Google him and browse his work online.

6. Weimaraners are scent hunters and utilize one eighth of their brain for his sense of smell!

7. During World War II, several Weimaraners were sent for breeding purposes to the United States for fear that the breed would die out due to the bombings in Germany.

8. Because they are so active, these dogs love to eat!  And because they’re smart, they’ll find their way into your cabinets and chow down.  Some Weimaraner PetParents actually use childlocks to keep their furry friends from getting in trouble.

9. Some famous PetParents to Weimaraners past have been Brad Pitt, President Dwight Eisenhower, and Grace Kelly.

10. The Weimaraner’s name comes from the city of the breed’s origin, Weimar, Germany!

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