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The Borzoi is a quiet, athletic, and gentle breed.  While they tend to have minds of their own and exhibit a certain sense of independence, they are also respectful and loyal to their family members.  For the most part, these dogs are silent and will only bark when necessary. Because they are so intelligent, they require patient owners willing to train them.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. While relatively calm in day to day life, these dogs make excellent and aggressive hunters.  They are part of the hound dog group and were originally bred as hunting trail dogs for Russian Tsars.

2. The word borzói in Russian translates literally to “fast” or “swift.”

3. The Borzoi can came in virtually any coat color, and has a a silky either wavy or curly flat coat.

4. While training a Borzoi may be relatively difficult due to their stubborn natures, these dogs are very quick to house-train.

5.  Though this breed has been around since approximately 400 AD, the breed standards have changed quite a bit.  Since Borzoi were only owned by white aristocracy for the longest time, during the Russian Revolution, most of the breed was wiped out.  Luckily, they were bred by many enthusiasts and kept from extinction.

6. The Borzoi is one of the dog breeds with the best eyesight.  They are classified as sighthounds and love running on lure courses.

7. These dogs do not have strong territorial drives and will act friendly and affectionate towards everyone.  They should not be relied on to bark when intruders are nearby.

8. The Borzoi is also known as the Russian Wolfhound.

9.  If you’ve seen paintings of Russian aristocracy, chances are you’ve seen a Borzoi alongside them.  These dogs are often depicted in art from the 19th and 20th centuries, in literature, in Disney movies, and on TV.

10. Though these dogs look fragile, they are actually quite sturdy and were used as wolf hunters long ago.

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