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The Border Terrier is an obedient, fearless, and affectionate breed.  Highly intelligent and eager to please, these dogs make great companion animals.  They are known to love digging, but this behavior can be combated by lots of daily exercise and obedience training.  Border Terriers love to snuggle and are known to be highly affectionate dogs.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. Border Terriers are actually one of the taller breeds in the terrier family.

2. One distinct physical trait of the Border Terrier is his “otter-like” head.

3. These dogs were originally bred to run along side horses and aid in fox hunts.  They were able to dig inside the foxes’ dens and flush them out.

4. Many people mistake these dogs for mutts because of their shaggy looks.  While not as fancy as some other terriers like the Westie or the Yorkie, these dogs are loved for their rugged bodies and scruffy mugs.

5. Border Terriers come in lots of different colors including red, wheat, grizzle & tan, and blue & tan.

6. These dogs do not do well in extreme heat.  Any weather above 85 degrees is not comfortable for a Border Terrier.

7. Border Terriers are known to be quite the escape artists, so make sure your fence is secure.

8. These dogs do well with children and other family pets, including family cats if they are raised around them.

9. While they do require lots of exercise, they should never really be outside dogs.  They need to be around their people or they will become destructive.

10. This breed has been around since the 18th century.  They were developed in England near the Scotland border.

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