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The bloodhound is an iconic dog, well renowned for his incredible sense of smell and adorably wrinkled face. A large scent hound, the bloodhound was originally bred for hunting deer and other large game. Later, due to their incredible noses, they became highly popular in police/detective work to track people, where they can still be found excelling to this day.

Bloodhounds are tireless trackers, and have been bred for endurance rather than speed. Quite methodical is the bloodhounds tracking style. Training various tracking behaviors is a breeze with this breed, but a bit more dedication must be put forth for basic obedience training.

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Top 10 Facts:    

1. Bloodhounds are known to be timid with strangers, making early socialization a must.

2. Bloodhounds can be expected to live 8-10 years.

3. Bloodhounds are known for being docile, kind, and mild mannered.

4. Bloodhounds require an owner who will establish and enforce the household rules.

5. The bloodhound is most commonly seen with a red coat, but black and tan or liver and tan are also accepted

6. Sadly, bloodhounds are prone to bloat, and feeding must be spaced out over the day, preferably 2-3 smaller meals.

7. The long drooping ears and wrinkled face and neck give the bloodhound a scenting advantage, working to trap the scent while to dogs’ nose is to the ground.

8. Bloodhounds reach an adult weight of 80-115 lbs

9. The bloodhound is a breed that can track old scents, after poor weather, and even across water.

10. Thanks to a short coat, the grooming of a bloodhound is very straightforward and easy. Grooming should be maintained weekly as this helps eliminate odor.

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