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The Anatolian Shepherd, is a large & rugged dog. Their intended purpose is to live with a flock of sheep and protect them from predators, especially during the night. They make a good companion dog if heavily socialized as puppies and given proper exercise daily.

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Top 10 Facts:  

1. The average lifespan is 13-15 years of age.

2. This Turkish breed of dog was refined in the US and is prized for its ability to guard livestock.

3. Many Anatolian Shepherds have a long tail with a delicate curl at the tip.

4. Anatolian Shepherds have a fawn or brindle colored coat with a black face mask.

5. As puppies, they take longer to develop a strong immune system when compared to other breeds. Anatolian owners should consult with their vet for any special precautions.

6. Similar to the great Pyrenees or kuvas, the Anatolian Shepherd is smaller in size, but with the same intended purpose.

7. Anatolian Shepherds need a large amount of daily exercise. Having a flock to tend is ideal, otherwise, access to a large fenced in yard and a daily walk are very important.

8. Anatolian Shepherds originated in Turkey over 6,000 years ago. They were bred to be the same size & color of the livestock (sheep & goats) that they protected- this way they blend in.

9. They shed heavily during one season, and otherwise require very little grooming at all.

10. This breed is independent and loyal. Calm and reserved around strangers.

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