American Eskimo Rescues

The American Eskimo is a reserved, alert, and intelligent breed.  These happy dogs are super energetic and love to run and play whenever they can.  They love to be around their people and do not do well when left alone for long periods of time.  They’d make great companion animals or family pets for families with older children.

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Top 10 Facts:

1.  Though their name may seem to say otherwise, the American Eskimo actually descended for the German Spitz.  Due to anti-German sentiments, their name was changed from German to American and Eskimo comes from the name of the kennel where they were originally bred.

2.  The American Eskimo is often known as the Eskie by breed enthusiasts.

3. Eskies mature at a slower rate than most dogs do, and can keep their puppy behavior for up to two years.

4. The American Eskimo was one of the first breeds to be trained to walk on a tight rope!  They were used in circuses for a number of years and were even sold as pets to audience members.

5. These dogs love the snow, and their double coat is not only warm, but also provides a bit of air conditioning.  Their undercoat can trap air and keep them cool during the warmer months.

6. Their fluffy tails and coats need lots of brushing and conditioning, and they are prone to tear stains underneath their eyes.

7. The American Eskimo comes in toy, miniature, and standard varieties.

8. While they need daily exercise, these dogs can be suited for apartment life.

9. They are easily trainable and can be great family dogs when properly trained.

10. The American Eskimo is not an aggressive breed, but can be prone to bark frequently due to their watchdog roots.

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