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The American Akita, also known as just Akita, is an alert, docile, and dignified breed.  Descendants of the Japanese Akita (also known as the Akita Inu), the American Akita is larger and comes in a larger variety of colors than the Japanese Akita.  They are part of the Spitz family of dogs which includes other breeds like the Samoyed, Shiba Inu, and the Pomeranian.  While loyal to their family, they are not overly affectionate and may sometimes appear aloof.  It is said that they do very well with children, but always supervise these interactions especially with small children.

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Top 10 Facts: 

1. The American Akita comes in a wide variety of colors including black, brown, brown brindle, fawn, white, fawn brindle, fawn & black, silver & black, red brindle, and more.

2.  There are two coat types in Akitas, a long coat and a short coat.  The long coat is not accepted in the show ring, but they still make excellent pets!

3. The Akita is not recommended as a pet for a first time dog owner because of their independent and sometimes challenging personalities.

4. Unfortunately, in 2004 it was reported that the leading cause of death among Akitas was cancer.

5. If dogs who bark aren’t really your thing, the Akita might be a good fit for you.  They are known to barely ever bark.  When they do bark, it’s only for a really good reason so be sure to pay attention!

6. Before the bombings at Hiroshima and Nagasaki, Akitas were known to live as long as 14 to 15 years.  Now their life span is about 10 to 12 years on average.

7. Akitas were originally bred to hunt bears!

8. Akitas are becoming more and more popular as therapy dogs because of their resting docile and calm temperaments.

9. While very loyal to people, the Akita does not do well with other animals.  Some Akitas even prefer being an only dog in a one pet home.

10. During World War II, the Japanese Akitas were cross bred with German Shepherds in order to keep the dogs from being culled by the government.

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