Cocker Spaniel Rescues

Cocker Spaniels, are playful, cheerful & merry. Seemingly always smiling, the Cocker is a popular American breed for families. They’re very friendly towards both people & other dogs, and make an excellent watch dog. Cocker Spaniels are not the easiest breed to train, and require an owner with patience and dedication.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. According to the AKC, Cocker Spaniels are one of the most popular breeds.

2. Cockers require regular trimming and grooming as well as careful ear maintenance.

3. Cocker Spaniels have a lifespan of 12-15 years.

4. There is both an English and an American Cocker Spaniel.

5. This breed’s coat can be any solid color, black & tan, merle,and parti-color.

6. Cockers have feathering on their ears, and back of legs.

7. President Nixon once owned a Cocker named ‘Checkers.’

8. Most cocker spaniels enjoy swimming and a game of fetch.

9. The Cocker Spaniel has an average litter size of about 5 puppies.

10. Cockers are known as the smallest breed in the Sporting Group.

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