Bernese Mountain Dog Rescues

The Bernese Mountain Dog, is a gentle and loyal companion known for loving children. Known to be a sensitive breed, they are best trained with a gentle hand. The Bernese Mountain Dog was bred as a draft dog, originally pulling their owners’ carts to the market- making this a true working breed. A working farm dog, they’re traditionally good around other dogs, and animals. The Bernese Mountain Dog is known for a smiley, happy and amiable nature.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Bernese Mountain Dog originated in the Swiss Alps.

2. The Bernese Mountain Dog thrives in cooler weather, and should be kept indoor during hot weather.

3. The breed has done admirable work as search and rescue dogs, saving folks who had been buried in avalanches.

4. Not a very playful or protective dog, the Bernese Mountain Dog is relatively laid back and doesn’t make an exuberant playmate for a child.

5. They have striking tri-colored coats of black, rusty brown, and white.

6. The Bernese’s average litter is 8 puppies, but they range from 5-14.

7. Bernese Mountain Dogs have a special love for children, although they are not especially playful.

8. They have a long silky coat and feathered ears. Their expressive faces are set off by brown ‘eyebrows.’

9. Bernese Mountain Dogs are prone to weight problems and must be on a tightly managed diet.

10. The Bermese Mountain Dog’s double coat requires regular grooming to maintain good condition.

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