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The Yorkshire Terrier, or Yorkie, is a small athletic pup who is tenacious and always ready for an adventure. They are high energy, humorous, and playful but can often self-exercise in the home. A highly intelligent breed, Yorkies need mental stimulation in the form of games and interactive toys to keep them happy. They are confident, and highly trainable in comparison to other toy breeds. The Yorkie’s long steel blue/tan coat needs daily brushing to avoid tangles, and some owners choose to trim their Yorkies in a puppy cut to lessen grooming requirements.

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Top 10 Facts: 

1. Yorkies originated in Yorkshire, England, hence the name Yorkshire Terrier!

2. Yorkies are one breed in which the male and female have the same size standards. Less than 7lbs, and 8-9″ at the shoulder.

3. Yorkies have one of the most luxurious coats of any breed, it has an almost silken quality.

4. Prone to poor teeth, Yorkies should be fed dry food & bones to keep their teeth as clean as possible.

5. Yorkshire Terriers can be shy when meeting both new dogs and new people.

6. This breed, much like Pugs and Pomeranians, is bred solely for companionship.

7. Yorkies are generally known for good health, but they can suffer from bronchitis, trachea collapse, and luxating patella

8. Yorkshire Terrier puppies are born black and tan and the coat fades as the dog grows up into a blue steel/clear tan color.

9. The first Yorkshire Terrier brought to America came over in 1872.

10. The Yorkie is very similar to both the Skye Terrier and Australian Silky Terrier breeds.

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