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The Poodle, is a well mannered curly haired dog that originates from Europe. The Standard Poodle is over 15 inches tall and athletically built. These descendants of French water dogs are great in the water and they are great hunters. Poodles, or French Poodles, were originally called “Caniche’ by the french, which means “Duck Dog.” Poodles have excellent house manners which makes them a perfect pet for any household.

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Top 10 Facts:

1. The Poodle is believed to have descended from Asian herding dogs before making their way to Europe.

2. The first Poodle to be recognized by the Kennel Club was recognized in 1847.

3. Poodles were a rare breed in the U.S. before WWII.

4. Poodles make great guard dogs.

5. Poodles also make great pets for people with allergies because they are hypoallergenic!

6. Poodles do need to be groomed regularly, due to their dense curly coat.

7. Poodles are known to be great with children.

8. The word “Poodle” came from the German word “Pudel,” which means, “One who plays in water.”

9. The average life span of a Poodle is about 12-15 years.

10. The “Poodle Clip” is designed to help the breed move through water more efficiently.

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